About Me

Who I Am:

Anti Oppression Worker, Inclusion and Diversity Trainer, Social Scientist

DePaul University trained Sociologist

Cornell University trained Diversity and Inclusion Trainer

What I Do:

Provide a series of interactive and engaging trainings focused on identity, diversity, inclusion, and allyship based on current social science research and data driven empirical evidence. 

What Motivates Me:

Making the world a bit more equitable, one conversation at a time.

Why You Need This Work:

Current research suggests that a diverse workplace is a productive workplace. I offer an engaging, innovative series of trainings for businesses, school districts and schools, police departments, and other entities. The goal is to extend the conversation of diversity into a consideration of inclusion and commitment. Through the use of interactive activities,  engaging storytelling, humorous anecdotes, and current social science research and theory, we take a critical look at the current state of diversity and inclusiveness.  

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