Cultural Awareness & Competence

This training, entitled "The Importance of Inclusion: Promoting Inclusion in an Era of Diversity" provides a basis of understanding diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and commitment. This training focuses on identity formation and construction as it relates to our diverse world. This training also provides participants with language to help understand various levels of diversity and why it is crucial to move toward inclusion and commitment.  

Implicit Bias/



This training, entitled, "Language, Power, and Unconscious Bias," takes the diversity conversation a step further to help participants understand how language is used in the creation of and perpetuation of unconscious biases. This training uses social science research and introduces participants to the Harvard Implicit Bias tests, as well as theories of sociolinguistics.   

Social Movements

The "History of Social Movements: LGBTQAI+ Community" training explores the history of the LGBTQAI+ struggle for equality from the Civil War to present. This training provides a sociohistorical context for current policies and social advances.