Welcome to Diversity to Inclusion. The goal here is to move the conversation of diversity beyond the frequent scope of visibility, focusing instead on how we can be a more inclusive in our society, our workplace, and our everyday lives. We use a research based approach to addressing such issues as:

  • The difference between Diversity and Inclusion
  • The difference between Tolerance and Commitment
  • Identity and our Intersecting selves
  • Working toward a common language to engage in effective dialogue around marginalization and dominance
  • Considering Implicit Biases
  • Moving beyond blame to responsibility and commitment
  • Becoming an Ally

Current research in the social sciences suggest that the most effective and businesses and corporations are those that are intentionally inclusive. Intentional inclusivity goes beyond diversity. To define the terms, diversity suggests presence, while inclusion suggests that all voices are heard, are valued, have agency, and have an active role in the decision making process. According to this research, when businesses are inclusive, it allows for a richness of thought and decreases mistrust and misunderstandings among groups. These conversations are powerful and encourages objective decision making at the top and agency for those who may feel as though they do not have a voice.

Why Us:

  • Based on current social science empirical research
  • Engaging and interactive
  • An intentional focus on agency and a commonality of experience
  • Provided with skills that are useful beyond the training and beyond the workplace
  • A focus on Inclusion, Commitment, and Empowerment